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Rain Garden planting

Posted by Michael Brooks on October 10, 2017 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (0)

The plantings at the Rain Garden in Greenway Cemetary were substantially augmented by several of our members, last Wed Oct 4. About 150 pots were emptied and planted there. Participating were Rebecca MacLeod, Lisa Swanson, Beth Skinner, Michael Brooks, Susan Jones, Mary Youngblood, Jeff Iliff, Kate Lehman, Andy Swaim, and Bob Wurster.

August Board Meeting Cancelled

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The August 23rd monthly Board Meeting has been cancelled as many members are out of town.

Sand Mine Expansion Concerns

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The U.S. Silica campany wants to expand its sand mining operations south further into Berkeley Springs. The Warm Springs Watershed Association has generated a statement of concern that we publish here, and on our website.


The springs located in the Town of Bath at the base of Warm Springs Ridge are of economic, cultural, and historic significance to the people of Morgan County, and are the sole source of drinking water for the Town of Bath and the customers of the Berkeley Springs Water Works. The Morgan County Comprehensive Plan and the Town of Bath Comprehensive Plan have identified protection of the community water system as a goal. Protection is critical for the area determined through studies to be the spring recharge area, and designated by the West Virginia Bureau of Public Health as a Deep Water Protection Area.

In accordance with the studies and source water protection plans completed over the past 15 years for the Berkeley Springs public water system, the Warm Springs Watershed Association (WSWA) is concerned that southward expansion of mining and quarry activities associated with extraction of sandstone poses a threat to the hydrogeologic setting of the aquifer. It is the position of the WSWA that US Silica has not provided evidence the recharge area for the aquifer will not be reduced, nor have they demonstrated that the pathways the groundwater flows to the surface will not be interrupted from deep pit excavation and blasting within the designated source water protection area.

Because of the importance of the Berkeley Springs public water system to the Town of Bath and Morgan County, WSWA urges extreme caution in granting permits that expand mining and quarrying activities within the state-designated source water protection area.


Goal to protect the Warm Springs Deep Water Protection Area affirmed by the Warm Springs Watershed Association members April 12, 2017

Resolution adopted by the Warm Springs Watershed Board of Directors June 28, 2017




Recent Activities

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Put on your calendar: August 12 6-8pm for a presentation about Rain Gardens

Recent Happenings and Events:

June: Stream Monitoring was performed at several locations this month:

June 26: Double T building across from the new Sheetz Station on 522

June 20: Widmyer Elementary School

June 13: Country Inn in Berkeley Springs

June 7: Jimstown Road


May 30: Stream Monitoring at Fairfax Rd

May 23: 3 members attended the Watershed Group Gathering in Martinsburg

May 13: A sewage spill near Warren St that flowed in the Run was reported; the Public Service District responded immediately and repaired the blockage in the sewer line.


Bob Wurster was our 'Volunteer of the Year' and was recognized at the Berkeley Springs-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce's 34th Community Volunteer Day. Stan Oaks was there also representing the Sleepy Creek Watershed Association.

The Annual Meeting was held at the Board of Education building on April 12. David Lillard of the West Virginia Rivers Coalition spoke about what's happening in Washington that will affect watershed work.

Our Adopt-a-Highway program volunteers met at 9 am on April 14 to pick up litter along State Highway 522 from Winchester Grade to the Post Office.

Our annual Make-it-Shine event held on April 11 where participants met on Myers Rd near the Dollar General Store. This was our contribution to the state-wide WV Make-it-Shine clean up program.


Three pet waste stations were installed in Berkeley Springs over several days. First, holes were dug, then posts cemented in, the the waste stations attached. Location were the Berkeley Springs State Park, the Water Works building on Wilks St and on W. Independence St near the Rag Shop. The devices were purchased using funds from the latest Stream Partners grant.

2017 Stream Monitoring Plan

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The stream monitoring season in on!


We will meet at 8:30 on the following Tuesday mornings:

May 30 River Road

June 6 Jimstown Road

June 13 Country Inn

June 20 Widmyer Elementary School

Rain dates will be the 'next' day, Wednesday, unless it's an torrential event!